Designer jackets give women a profusion of outerwear styles for all seasons and contexts, unified by a commitment to premium material sourcing, craftsmanship, and progressive design language. Waist-length cotton poplin, nylon-blend, and wool-blend jackets are presented in a myriad of styles, unified by a sense of urbane, of-the-moment aesthetic intent. Quilted puffer jackets propose a thoroughly modern, utilitarian ethos that minimizes form in future-facing sleekness, with accoutrements like detachable hoods, zippered vents, and signature appliqués providing detail. Oversizing and two-way zip closures modify silhouette for contemporary interest and deconstructed wearing possibilities according to ensemble and intent. Nylon satin, technical jersey, PrimaLoft®, and Gore-Tex® lightweight jackets offer easy comfort, breathability, and weather resistance with a sense of futurist sophistication and athleticism, activating a myriad of streetwear and outdoor apparel significations. Varsity jackets and military-inspired offerings channel a sense of authentic historicism, working with venerable forms to produce new icons for our times.