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The visual impact of Elza Wandler’s eponymous line owes not only to her use of a constantly shifting and highly eclectic range of flamboyant colors, patterns, and materials, but also to the recurring upturned semicircle motif that figures into many of her designs. Coincidentally recalling the cross-section of some primeval vessel, the semicircle, whether as structural component or surface appliqué, imbues her work with a reminder of the ceaseless tug of gravity—the flow of all things to a central point—that is, in turn, countered by the sense of effortless uplift that Wandler's bags bestow upon their wearers. Wandler’s sophistication extends beyond the aesthetic dimension and into the technical: the Amsterdam-based brand’s tight relationship with its Venetian manufacturer ensures superior construction and finishing, with every component being sourced directly from local suppliers. Successfully bridging the rigid demands of functionality with the allure of glamor has catapulted Wandler to the foremost edge of fashion consciousness; combining its recent expansion to footwear with an emphasis on its core strengths is sure to keep it there.

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Wandler - Green Python Bente Kitten Heels


Green Python Bente Kitten Heels


Wandler - Beige Lambskin Lina Boots


Beige Lambskin Lina Boots