Polythene* Optics

Sister label to Samuel Ross’ hyper-conceptual A-Cold-Wall* mark, unisex label Polythene* Optics represents a return-to-roots for the London-based creative, re-aligning with the youthful energy and democratic design ethos of A-C-W*’s origins. With the stated goal of existing within multiple rooms of the fashion industry, the creation of Polythene* Optics is a nod to A-C-W*’s maturation into a fully-fledged luxury label and meteoric growth in popularity. Advancing a more accessible and immediate approach to modern womenswear, Polythene* Optics acts as a counterpart to A-C-W*’s increasingly cerebral aspirations, allowing Ross to simultaneously explore the realms of high fashion and streetwear with greater freedom and nuance. Irreverent and reactionary, Polythene* Optics harnesses the tangibility of street culture with sharp, straightforward designs that speak to Ross’ unmistakably bold minimalism. Featuring typographic ingenuity juxtaposed with tactile graphic flourishes, the new label’s line of instantly covetable women’s casualwear staples and accessories, including t-shirts, hoodies, and caps, alongside scarves and socks, merge into a unified collection that exudes the brashness of Ross’ upstart days.

There are currently no products available for Polythene* Optics.

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