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Heritage womenswear label Nehera was founded in the 1930s by Czechoslovakian entrepreneur Jan Nehera. A pioneering business model and impeccable craftsmanship propelled the brand toward international success before World War II halted its production. In 2014, nearly eighty years after its inception, Nehera was revived by creative director Samuel Drira, who brings a decidedly minimalist vision to the house. Inspired by Nehera’s history of innovation and artistry, Drira seeks to reinvent the staples of the modern woman’s wardrobe. Familiar staples such as poplin shirts, t-shirts, and tailored trousers are reimagined in unconventional silhouettes and proportions. Nehera’s Fall 2016 collection is a careful consideration of shape. Draped jackets, voluminous skirts, oversized knits, and cocoon coats in heavy wool and Japanese cotton lend themselves to endless layering.

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