Panconesi Trousers

After obtaining a diploma in Fashion Design from Instituto Polimoda, the Florentine jewelry designer, Marco Panconesi, refined his craft at Givenchy under Riccardo Tisci before joining Balenciaga as director of men’s accessories. Before launching his namesake jewelry line in 2019, Panconesi originally sought a career in archeology; this affinity for the design sensibilities of ancient Greece and Rome has defined his oeuvre—his pieces resemble ancient artifacts that have been reworked, updated, and modernized. Heritage pieces are given a contemporary industrial twist: undulating shapes are engineered to express movement and mismatched elements complement one another to find new harmony. Hoop and drop earrings feature colorful gems and crystal-cut detailing while rings with precious stones appear as if recently excavated. By reinterpreting the past through a contemporary viewpoint, the Parisian label treads new aesthetic ground, creating pieces that are definitely unique in their approach to design construction and visual appeal. As heirlooms, Panconesi’s polished artifacts are intended to be passed down through the generations, coming to life with each new wearer.

There are currently no products available for Panconesi Trousers.

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