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Prompted by the desire to outfit Chinese athletes in a national brand at the Olympic games, esteemed gymnast Li-Ning founded his eponymous label in 1990. Since its inception, the label has flourished into an international sportswear leader, exhibiting its authentic take on athleisure on the world stage. Lead by the mission statement ‘let sports light your passion,’ Li-Ning promotes the spirit of competition and sportsmanship in its reconceptualization of athletic references as casual footwear, garments, and accessories. Dedicated to its national heritage as much as to leading-edge design, Li-Ning proudly expresses its distinctive Chinese voice through incisive references to national symbolism—the label’s selection of sportswear, ranging from mountaineering-inspired outerwear to chunky sneakers, is emblazoned with Chinese characters and traditional motifs. Through a provocative exploration of tensions between tradition and innovation, Li-Ning’s unique aesthetic has established the label as a trailblazer in sports-style.

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Li-Ning - Black Casual Trousers


Black Casual Trousers

$160 $125

Li-Ning - Black Fleece Zip Jacket


Black Fleece Zip Jacket

$160 $109