Implicite Briefs

True to its name, the Implicite label accentuates the suggestive nature of women’s intimates by proposing a collection of bras, underwear, and bodysuits that take inspiration from both timeless and modernized conceptions of lingerie. With its undergarment selection covering the full gamut of sizing options and cast in a dynamic range of fabrics, Implicite advances an alluring and distinct vision of femininity that remains flexible to the particularities of the wearer, denoting a label whose design process is founded on a refreshingly inclusive set of principles. Satin and floral lace establish a reliable framework of boudoir staples, while a subtle through line of rebellion is revealed by way of slinky dresses that effectively blur the line between after-hours unmentionables and inhibition-free everyday wear. Challenging the seldom-seen status of undergarments by proposing upgraded and meticulously designed pieces that willfully elude easy categorization, Implicite’s multifaceted definition of modern sensuality translates into an unexpectedly versatile and accommodating collection of womenswear.

There are currently no products available for Implicite Briefs.

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