Cuero&Mor Turtlenecks

Spanish husband-and-wife duo Pepe Romero and Maria Diez founded their leather goods label Cuero&Mor by serendipity. While pursuing studies in medicine, Diez took up knitting as a hobby, crafting small woolen wallets in her spare time. Guided by their newfound passion for design, the pair soon opened a small leather studio in Santa Monica and began creating leather accessories full-time. Inspired by the principles of Bauhaus architects and the aesthetics of Scandinavian artists, the duo’s precisely detailed design process involves paring each pattern down to its essential elements—the result is a premium quality handbag that is equally minimal and functional. Now produced in the couple’s native Spain, the line’s ethically-made handbags boast premium leather and artisanal craftsmanship. Cuero&Mor’s tightly-edited collection of streamlined handbags includes the label’s covetable Bucket, Crossbody, and Mini Tote styles.

There are currently no products available for Cuero&Mor Turtlenecks.

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