Carne Bollente T-Shirts

An enduring causalwear classic, the t-shirt appears as a near-universal staple of contemporary designer women's collections. Never lacking in versatility, the apparel item has endured over the decades as a conduit for experimentation and expressivity, a billboard for everything from embroidered logos, bonded graphics, and large and loud sloganism to photographic and typographic prints. Long sleeve styles occasionally pay homage to skate and streetwear culture, and practically speaking allow the t-shirt to extend its reach into the colder days of the year as a layering item. Select pieces take dropped shoulders for a de-gendering effect and a breezier, loosely draped silhouette. Tucked into a pair of jeans or trousers, the t-shirt assumes a clean, minimal form often disarming in its informal charm. Oversized pieces, meanwhile, can grant an air of leisurely swagger and lend easily to statement-making. Contemporary developments in nonstandard materials like garment-pleated and technical fabrics have brought the staple into new territories, variously more avant-garde and athleisure. More traditional cotton jersey pieces take distressing, fading, and other treatments for character and comfort.

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