Carne Bollente Tall Boots

Curve accentuating over-the-knee boots and knee-high boots communicate an aura of opulent luxury, and a self-assured commitment to personal affirmation and self-expression. Long a staple of European womenswear, the footwear item emerged as an object of high-end designer interest in the 1960s, rapidly proliferating into a host of new lavish styles and sub-genres. Contemporary offerings span a dizzyingly vast range of materials including stretch jersey, leather, and lambskin. Avant-garde variants appear in eye-catching tones that capture the zeitgeist of the present moment, with oversized printed texts, logo patterning, and metallic or otherwise coated finishes taking advantage of the item’s uniquely vertical palate. Zippered closures, pull-loops and buckle fastenings add accenting interest. Stiletto heels move towards an expression of empowered femininity, while more rugged rubber soles present a more utilitarian sense of command.

There are currently no products available for Carne Bollente Tall Boots.

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