Aubade Tote Bags

Though often of simple construction and understated design, contemporary women’s tote bags are a sartorial unsung hero. Undoubtedly deserving of inclusion in the canon of must-have wardrobe staples. their practicality alone rank them amongst even the most luxurious of womenswear essentials. Myriad iterations offer shapes and textures suitable for any style, with inclusions of signature hardware and detailing creating instantly recognizable statement pieces. Technical interpretations utilize fabrications such as PVC and nylon to produce transparently elegant options, whereas ultimate versatility is achieved through slouchy mesh carryalls that coordinate seamless with casual sportswear designs. Minimalist-leaning refined options constructed from leather closely align themselves with concepts intrinsically tied to opulence while standing in direct opposition of the durable cotton tote, a symbol of the subversive DIY aesthetic, acts as canvas for colorful graphics, bold patches, and photographic prints.

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