Anya Hindmarch Keychains

Anya Hindmarch’s prolific career as an accessories designer began on a trip to Florence, where she was inspired by a leather drawstring duffle bag popular among fashion-forward Italian women. After success importing these handbags to her native Britain, she launched her namesake label in 1987. Hindmarch’s women’s creations present a unique marriage between Italian craftsmanship and British wit, blending classic tailoring with the highly personalized DIY aesthetic seen in her best-selling leather stickers. Her label’s handbags and accessories are embellished with bold, tongue-in-cheek graphics, comic book typography, and a signature Smiley logo. For Fall, she explores the 8-bit world of eighties video gaming. Pixelated Space Invaders and glitched-out Pacman characters adorn her cozy mink outerwear and shearling handbags.

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