Germany-born designer Anne Manns’ sculptural jewelry eternizes nature’s ephemeral beauty through fine sterling silver and 24k gold. Though first trained in fashion design, Manns was drawn to the creative freedom of jewelry-making, leading her to establish her namesake jewelry label in 2016. Manns’ design process is rooted in her experiences around nature: in the ideation of her designs, she recalls both childhood memories shelling peas with her grandparents and present-day observations of transitions between seasons in her boyfriend’s vegetable garden. Silhouettes of organic matter abstracted from these memories take form in tiny wearable sculptures—delicate earrings, bracelets, earcuffs, and necklaces form the likeness of intricate, twisting vines and bulbous aubergines. Preferring a tactile design approach, Manns works with a goldsmith with 3D-design software to bring ideas to form, perfecting each piece with her hands. Each design is then handcrafted with care in her Berlin-based studio, mimicking the slow and dedicated growth of organic life. Manns’ distinctive pieces seemingly interrupt nature’s state of constant flux, offering an everlasting snapshot of its charm.

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