Alanui Trousers

The word ‘Alanui’, moniker of Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi’s luxury knitwear label, means ‘large path’ in Hawaiian language. A reference to the path the sibling duo finds themselves traveling in search of expanding personal horizons, the significance of the label’s epithet is embedded within each of the Oddi’s luxe womenswear garments. Drawing upon the sentimentality of the dear childhood blanket, the Alanui cardigan is at once a vessel for new experiences, travels, and emotions, and a tangible recording of personal history. The opposite of fast fashion, the label’s signature piece is meant to accompany its wearer forever. Each Alanui creation starts from the same knitted canvas: the classic buttonless oversized cardigan. Rather than hindering creative expression, the singularity and simplicity of the Oddi’s knitted starting point allows the duo to easily explore innumerable design paths. In the hands of the design duo, the timeless open-front cardigan branches off into the territories of colorful jacquard patterns, hooded cardigans, fisherman sweaters, and fringed detailing. The siblings view Alanui as a labour-of-love and celebration of superior craft, with each garment cut from the finest Italian cashmere and taking up to eleven hours of meticulous artisanship to complete. Once added to the the wearer’s travel pack, this luxury cashmere cardigan becomes a highly-personalized roadmap, continually evolving with its owner throughout a lifetime.

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