Holding both symbolic value and practical functionality by means of keeping outfitting elements together, the brooch makes for a playfully nostalgic addition to one’s bank of accessories. Designer women’s brooches implement high-end upgrades such as crystal embellishments and knotted grosgrain detailing, resulting in pieces that are alternately understated or sumptuously attention-securing. The regal undertones that spirit the historical significance of the brooch are evoked in sculptural, emblematic pieces which offer the possibility of injecting ornamental flare into virtually any ensemble. When essentially standing in for a button closure at the center of jackets or at the apex of a collar, the brooch comes to light as a brazenly extra means to an end, whereas its more commonplace application to the lapels of jackets evokes retro-leaning ideas of sophisticated accessorizing. Offering alternate styling as a hair accessory or an additional accent to shoulder bags and pouches, there are myriad ways in which the brooch enhances women’s outfitting.