This season’s offering of women’s bracelets focuses on signature styles and familiar shapes. Leather wraparound bracelets embellished with logo graphic plaques, pyramid stud detailing, or logo discs are reminiscent of punk, while feminine charm bracelets recall the zeitgeist of early-2000s fashion. Nostalgic references and millennial leanings result in designers expanding upon signature themes, tweaking proportion and logo embellishment in a refreshingly playful approach to modern jewelry. Minimal offerings like braided leather bracelets, or logo-engraved brushed and polished sterling silver cuffs provide elegant embellishment for the wrist. A hybrid of materials is showcased throughout this season: ribbon plays host to feather, leather intertwines with metal, and brass or sterling silver envelops pearl. Luxe, delightfully feminine details like dainty Swarovski crystals, baroque pearls, or colorful enamel detailing further embellish an enduring collection of bracelets for the contemporary woman.