Designer women’s bodysuits present in a dynamic range of stylings, taking the apparel item from the street to the boudoir. Form-fitting, body-shaping utility variants flatter with a tight silhouette, showing off essential curvature while providing supreme comfort and ease of movement. Athleisure editions in technical jersey provide sporty, breathable options. Elsewhere, one sees high-waisted 90’s thong styles have re-emerged as a silhouette of the moment, at times augmented by racy peek-a-boo cutouts that confidently expose hips and torso. Sheer and semi-sheer mesh and nylon lace versions provide a singular layering effect in tandem with lingerie or underwear, offering the wearer an empowered sensuality and low-key sublime sense of femininity, available for public armor or private confidence. Fulfilling a more everyday, out-and-about fashion niche, t-shirt, rib knit, turtleneck, and other pullover and shirt-style offerings stand alone as perfect functional street and statement-wear options, working with trousers or jeans as an easy and sophisticated off-duty look.