By blending opposing structural and ideological concepts so harmoniously, women’s blouses represent the apex of fluidity within women’s fashion. Sparked with creativity, blouses are perpetually being redefined by the designer and the wearer alike, and this season’s selection highlights this conversation. The back and forth relationship is symbolized through the many innovations that each individual blouse houses in this selection of impeccably-made women’s tops. Elegant silken options generously grant incomparable flowing looks, while challenging asymmetric constructions afford the wearer a diverse array of styles. Semi-sheer detailing paired with patchworked composition evade reason to create wholly original silhouettes. Pairing with a skirt rather than trousers allows for a completely different experience; women’s blouses are entirely interpretive, existing to seamlessly complete an outfit and simultaneously protest brazenly its own completion. This selection of blouses cuts to the core of expression and speaks volumes through its willingness to challenge the conventions that supposedly govern its own existence.