“It’s our lifestyle. It’s a philosophy”

The World of Kitsuné

Many labels place themselves in the “lifestyle brand” category, but few of them embody it like Maison Kitsuné. Started in 2002 by the manager of Daft Punk and an architect friend, with the mandate of uniting music, fashion, and design under one roof, it’s since grown into a genuine multimedia force. Side one: an electronic music label known for its legendary mixtapes and club nights, with acts including Phoenix, Citizens!, Kilo Kish, and Heartsrevolution on its roster. Side two: a line of insouciantly updated ready-to-wear classics for men and women. Side three: a global chain of flagship stores and cafés in Paris, Tokyo, and New York. All infused with an attitude you can find embroidered on their signature baseball caps: effortlessly and quintessentially Parisien.

In an exclusive video produced with System magazine, founders Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki tell us more about the origins and ethos of their label – and share a preview of Spring 15. (We apologize for the sound quality in Kuroki’s Tokyo segments; it’s not as easy to move sounds around the world as Kitsuné makes it look.)