I Blame Myself  Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira's Top Ten Tracks

“I love Can. A lot of my records are influenced by Krautrock, which a lot of people don’t realize,” So says Sky Ferreira when we ask what she listens to when she’s not making music. Surprised? We were too. So we asked her to compile ten songs that have had an impact on her in some way. The final tally includes the Cat Power and Fleetwood Mac that we might have seen coming, but also the unexpected: artists like Can, Townes Van Zandt, Ennio Morricone, and Wasted Penguinz.

“Chan Marshall is kind of like...my spiritual advisor or something,” Sky Ferreira continues, “I always cover ‘Nude as the News’ with my boyfriend. I love Cat Power.” That much is clear – Sky’s throaty alt-pop vocals have a clear connection with Power’s. But Sky is an artist who refuses to be pinned down. Her inspirations transcend genres, and she counts Debbie Harry, Alice Cooper, Prince, Elliott Smith, and Brian Eno among her favorite influences. “I fanned out on Stevie Nicks once,” Sky laughs, “It was pretty embarrassing.”

Cat Power - Nude as the News

Townes van Zandt Kathleen

Ennio Morricone - Sister Sara's Theme

Fleetwood Mac - Beautiful Child

Ric Cartey - Young Love

Townes Van Zandt - Our Mother the Mountain

Can Outside - My Door

Alizée - Moi... Lolita

Wasted Penguinz Anxiety

Francoise Hardy - Le temps de l'amour


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A Wendy comic by Walter Scott

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