Screen Test #7: Bubblegum + Cashmere ASMR

Experience the Harmonious Tension Between the Stickiest Treat and the Softest Touch

  • Video: Rebecca Storm

Shot at our headquarters in Montreal and inspired by the videos of Andy Warhol, the SSENSE “Screen Test” series is a way to evaluate the camera-readiness of our products.

Autumn encourages a tactile exploration of plush knits that stretch and wrap. Brushed wool in stiff peacoats establishes a rough dichotomy with soft angora halos, which tremble at the lightest breath. Everyday triggers are usually what elicit an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response—unremarkable to some, yet unmistakable to those willing to succumb. For the seventh installment of the ASMR Screen Tests, Rebecca Storm investigates our soft, fuzzy, and oral fixations, testing Double Bubble and Big League Chew along with this season’s cashmere pieces by Chloé, Acne, Stella McCartney, J.W. Anderson, Thom Browne, Ganryu, Jil Sander, and Bless.
  • Video: Rebecca Storm

    Styling: Sasha Wells
    Hair and Makeup: Laurie Deraps / Dulcedo

    Models: Alfa, Charlie / Montage