Henry Krinkle 'Stay'

Shooting “Stay”

On set

On a sunny day

In L.A.

Staying Cool

with Henry Krinkle

Henry Krinkle isn’t a huge fan of winter. “I can handle maybe if it gets to freezing,” the DJ also known as Edwin Jantunen tells us from his current home base in L.A. The new Ultra Music signee has lived in warm climates from South Florida to Shanghai, and as he spoke with us about his hypnotic slow-burner “Stay,” he shared some tips for summer survival.

Tell me a little about “Stay.” It’s at over 23 million views on Youtube now.

I wrote it a couple years ago now. I was driving home and listening to the Alicia Keys song “Unthinkable,” and I thought it might be fun to take an a capella part from the song and use that vocal. It was just an idea among many other ideas. It came together over the course of just a few hours, and then I kind of put it away. I came back to it a few months later, I hated it. I almost left it on my hard drive and never did anything with it

What made you bring it back out?

It was actually my girlfriend who insisted that I work on it some more.

The warm, atmospheric quality of the song goes very well with the video’s scenes of a summer day. What did you think of Jeppe Kolstrup’s treatment? Did it reflect your own image of the song?

To be honest, whenever anyone asks me what a video or album art should be like, I'm always drawing a blank. But I like the idea, I can see how it works.

Because you’ve lived in so many places, we wondered what summer was like in each of them. You were born in Estonia – did you spend many summers there?

Not many. I spent a summer in Australia that was… quite hot. It’s quite temperate in Estonia. It’s really pleasant. Finland also. Shanghai, it’s pretty hot – not too bad. There was just a heat wave here, this is my first getting close to a summer in L.A. Florida is of course sometimes ridiculous. And I’ve been living with no air conditioning, too, for most of my life. So I guess there’s been a lot of heat. I could never go back to anywhere there was a winter..

Any feelings associated with summer in these places?

Just a sense of relaxation, you know? Playing outside or doing whatever. Tomorrow is the same thing as the day before. So that’s kind of my feeling: just do whatever you want.

Is that pretty different from your current life?

I think I can pretty much do whatever I want. [Laughs] Of course I have work, but for me, the work is tied into what I’d want to be doing anyway with my free time. It’s nice. It’s what I’ve been working towards, and I accidentally stumbled upon it.

How did that happen? We know you started making music when you were in eighth grade.

It was just slowly, slowly building on an idea. It was a very pie-in-the-sky idea, cause when you’re in grade eight or grade nine you’re more concerned about a lot of other things going on in your life. Teenager problems and all that important stuff. But I always thought that I could maybe do something with music. As time went on I just kept working at it, working at it, working at it. I did this stuff because I enjoyed it. And then I made “Stay” and it got a lot of plays on Youtube, and people started contacting me, and now it’s working out to where I can actually support myself with this.

You recently signed to Ultra Music – that’s a huge label. Do you have anything coming up?

Yeah, that’s been interesting so far. I have a couple of songs I’m working on that I think are going to be packaged together. I'm looking to make something with wide appeal, while still having a unique sound. And I'm in the midst of putting together a summer tour to support the release.

A few questions on the summer theme. What’s the best place to visit in the summer?

One of my friends has a lake house in North Carolina up in the mountains, and I went there for a couple weeks one summer while we were playing shows and working on a different project. That was an amazing time. Just being able to hang out by the lake and not have to listen to all the sounds of urban life.

What are your top three summer jams?

“Summer Bunnies” by R. Kelly is always pretty fun. Andhim’s “Boy Boy Boy” and Glenn Astro’s remix of Max Graef’s “Bummse.” And Washed Out’s “Feel It All Around.”

Best way to beat a heat wave?

Take a hot shower and then lie down underneath a ceiling fan, if you have that. Don’t do anything. Drink a cold beer.

Henry Krinkle Mix

As far as Henry Krinkle is concerned, it's summer year-round. At least that's what his latest effort "Stay" suggests with its sparkling beats, colorful basslines, and lyrics that make it a perfect candidate for a summer anthem. Although the video for "Stay" only just premiered last week on SSENSE, the future-bass number has been on our rotation since last year.

In its short online life, "Stay" has garnered over 23 million plays, and shows no signs of slowing down since Krinkle signed to dance music behemoth Ultra Music earlier this year. Born in Estonia, raised in Florida, and now based out of Shanghai and Los Angeles, Krinkle – real name Edwin Jantunen – took his moniker from Taxi Driver protagonist Travis Bickle’s alias, and has been producing as Henry Krinkle since 2012. Since, he's worked with Cyril Hahn on last year's "Perfect Form," toured with Ryan Hemsworth, and remixed the likes of Ellie Goulding, Joel Compass, and Jacques Lu Cont.

Equally as summer-ready as "Stay," Henry Krinkle's mix opens with a unique intro from Leon Vynehall before breaking into upbeat tempos from Chvrches remixed by KDA, and tracks from Booka Shade, Kelis and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

Leon Vynehall Inside the Deku Tree

Chvrches Recover (KDA Remix)

Max Graef  Bummse (Remix)

My Nu Leng Clockworks (Troy Gunner Remix)

Karma Kid Like I’m On Fire (Charles Murdoch Remix)

Shagabond -  Archive

Todd Terje - Strandbar (Samba Version)

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs -  Your Love (Waze & Odyssey Remix)

Blackstreet No Diggity (Three Bar Remix)

Percussions -  KHLHI

Booka Shade - Love Inc (Butch’s Remix)

Rufus Du Sol - Desert Night

Kelis - Jerk Ribs (Will Saul Remix)

T. Williams - Heartbeat

Cherokee - Take Care of You

Lyon VynehallGoodthing

Oscar + Martin - Recognize