D by D

Korean designer Kang Dong Jun launched D by D in 2009 as a younger, more accessible companion to his revered D.GNAK by KANG.D line. Heavily informed by streetwear yet replete with the designer’s avant-garde trademarks, D by D introduces the main line’s signature oversized cuts, monochromatic color schemes, and futuristic aestheticism into the framework of casual outfitting. Sarouel pants, long shorts, oversized t-shirts, and sculptural sneakers present modernized and unconventional alternatives to traditional relaxed silhouettes, while stolid outerwear and knits propose a seasonally adaptive uniform. Hackneyed menswear conventions are eschewed in favor of reimagined shirting, instilling a sense of unpredictability into otherwise straightforward menswear staples while maintaining an aesthetic consistency throughout. This hybridity secures the clarity of D by D’s oeuvre, subtly differentiating it from its parent label while remaining irrevocably connected to D.GNAK by KANG.D’s stylistic pillars.

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