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Who Decides War by MRDR BRVDO is a compelling meditation on the potential of clothing to spread positive messaging. Continual Virgil Abloh collaborator, designer MRDR BRVDO, née Ev Bravado, elevates his esteemed DIY aesthetic through his newly-rebranded label. Stripped down of the glitz which defined the designer's previous projects, Who Decides War sees a sophisticated iteration of his signature design elements. With a focus on sustainability, MRDR BRVDO’s familiar multi-layered denim, unfinished hems, and asymmetric silhouettes are constructed with raw, untreated Italian silks and cotton canvases tinted in neutral tones by use of coffee and tea dyes. For MRDR BRVDO, these design considerations are a medium for Who Decides War’s preeminent focus of messaging. The label rejects the shock-jock approach of edgy slogans and graphics, ubiquitous in contemporary streetwear, in favour of something more genuine. Who Decides War extends an idea that celebrates the good in the world - a sentiment manifested in the label’s anti-666 logo. Exploring the intricacies of conflict, Who Decides War introduces a refreshing notion of substance into the streetwear landscape.

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Who Decides War by MRDR BRVDO - Blue Storm Intern Tote

Who Decides War by MRDR BRVDO

Blue Storm Intern Tote