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Guided by an unfailing dedication to minutely-detailed tailoring and straightforward aesthetics, Tiger of Sweden continue to shape their century-enduring legacy. A penchant for constant reinvention has been at the crux of the label’s long-standing prevalence, consistently offering a streamlined set of bespoke trousers, shirting, and outerwear alongside staple footwear and leather accessories. Devoted to creating garments that secure a sense of confidence in the wearer, the components of Tiger of Sweden collections lend themselves to a fluid array of styling options, adding an element of luxe to casual outfitting or completing formal ensembles. Advancing a modernized concept of luxury that coalesces with contemporary ideologies, Tiger of Sweden reflects the boundless and inclusive nature of the current fashion landscape by ensuring that contextual ambiguity maximizes wearability. Whether revelling in their proclivity for delivering dependable wardrobe staples that merge into a larger wardrobe or experimenting with bold patterns that create viable focal points for low-key outfitting, a perpetual youthful spirit carries Tiger of Sweden into a new era of understated opulence.

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Tiger of Sweden - Black Marqe Messenger Bag

Tiger of Sweden

Black Marqe Messenger Bag