The Very Warm Sweatpants

Where many outerwear brands position themselves as the barrier of choice between man and the wild, The Very Warm, launched in 2017, firmly roots itself in one of the most vibrant urban milieux: that of New York City, home to everything from artists to athletes, and replete with increasingly chaotic fall and winter weather punctuated by nor’easters from below and Alberta clippers from above. The recent addition of Laurence Chandler, founder and creative director of Rochambeau, in the role of creative director for The Very Warm, evinces a doubling-down on bonding design-centred creative methodology to reliable materials and construction. Emphasis is firmly placed on utility: a broad range of evergreen silhouettes, composed of lightweight insulation and durable shell materials, are made available in a pleasing array of colors, and are finished with an eye toward fine details—namely much-appreciated zippered interior pockets, microfiber-lined pocket lining, and exterior locker loops, with the latter housing the brand’s signature convertible logo lanyard. Exclusive without being exclusionary, The Very Warm abides by its literal intent in setting itself apart as a home to convivial thermal activity.

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The Very Warm - Black Fleece Lounge Pants

The Very Warm

Black Fleece Lounge Pants