Stolen Girlfriends Club Zip up & Buckled Boots

New Zealand-based label Stolen Girlfriends Club creates luxury streetwear and jewelry for individualists in search of sartorial self-expression that exudes an irreverent perspective. Former competitive surfer Marc Moore and longtime friend Dan Gosling founded the rock 'n' roll-inspired brand after collaborating on an art show entitled “Stolen Girlfriends Club” that featured twelve of Moore’s works. Stolen Girlfriends Club was forged when the pair decided to print the artworks on t-shirts and, today, boasts a burgeoning offering that branches into all spheres of ready-to-wear, jewelry, and accessories. This audacious readiness to strengthen and evolve as a fashion house bleeds into the label's ever-morphing coterie of themes, which stretch from post-apocalyptic surfers to punk romanticism. Self-professed music junkies, the designers channel the attitudes of musical subcultures, from protopunk to underground new wave into their range of bold slogan t-shirts, graphic hoodies, and sweatshirts. Casually tailored shirts and trousers, expertly fitted jeans, a selection of gold and sterling silver jewelry, and small leather goods complement Stolen Girlfriends Club’s grunge-inflected aesthetic.

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Stolen Girlfriends Club - Black Western Boots

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Black Western Boots