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Resolute to drive a post-gender revolution, Toronto-based Spencer Badu founded his eponymous label in 2015 during his freshman year of college. Experimenting with clothing design, Badu taught himself the art of patternmaking and needlework before enrolling in design school, a move that would galvanize the formation of his unisex ready-to-wear label. A devotee of the Bauhaus movement, Badu takes a less-is-more approach to design, crafting ultramodern with subtle yet salient intricacies. Challenging society’s expectations of gendered clothing, the label’s collections are shaped to propagate liberty. Notes of masculinity and femininity are organically fused, large in black and white colorways, to elevate trousers with zippered details, convertible coats with inventive dimensions, cropped t-shirts and sweatshirts, and daringly cut shirts. The brand’s garments are meant to hang in a wardrobe that can be shared by lovers and friends alike. A nonconformist by nature, Badu’s creative force is driven by a need to express his point of view through tailoring the gender-free world he wants to inhabit.

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Spencer Badu - Black Logo Hoodie

Spencer Badu

Black Logo Hoodie

$165 $96

Spencer Badu - Grey Cargo Sweater

Spencer Badu

Grey Cargo Sweater

$320 $202

Spencer Badu - Black Half-Zip Hoodie

Spencer Badu

Black Half-Zip Hoodie

$475 $238