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Technical fishing gear, largely the province of enthusiasts, carries the same luster of practicality more commonly attributed to military or sportswear-adjacent provenance. South2 West8, established in 2003 and named after the district of Sapporo in which its flagship boutique is located, focuses on providing elevated ready-to-wear and accessories aesthetically rooted in the pastime of tenkara fly fishing. Let there be no illusions about how seriously this brand approaches its raison-d’être: in addition to their much-sought-after signature satin track pants and jackets, South2 West8 offers tie-dye landing nets, insect-proof mesh parkas, hip waders, rods, and waxed cotton trout bags. More readily accessible items include made-in-England waxed cotton jackets, vibrantly patterned shirts and jackets utilizing proprietary woven fabrics sourced in India, and made-in-USA nylon canvas backpacks. Despite being something of a departure from the other more easily-situated stars that make up Nepenthes’ constellation of brands, South2 West8 is far from a flirtatious catch-and-release of fishing motifs: the same thoughtful approach to fabric, cut, and construction carries through, visible from either the river’s edge or waist-deep, braced against the current.

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South2 West8 - Black Smooth Trainer Lounge Pants

South2 West8

Black Smooth Trainer Lounge Pants