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Focalized on delivering aesthetically immediate menswear since its 1988 inception, Solid Homme expounds on the no-nonsense nature of its moniker. Putting a decidedly opulent spin on straightforward tailoring, the Woo Youngmi-led Korean label has distinguished itself on account of its uncompromising sense of immediacy. Channelling a cohesive vision across explorations in sneakers, formal footwear, and staple ready-to-wear, Solid Homme effectively blurs the divide between low-key everyday apparel and sophisticated evening garb. A rich color range instills a notable continuity across the label’s output, assisting designs that integrate seamlessly into myriad contexts, while the juxtaposition of streetwear-adjacent and traditionally formal styles lends Solid Homme an alluring ambiguity. In spite of this stylistic fluidity, the label fleshes out a distinct sense of identity through slouchy silhouettes and thoughtfully-layered looks. Through this blend of free-form adaptability and aesthetic acuteness, Solid Homme stands apart from larger gamut of men’s outfitting by pushing forward an embrace of subtlety.

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Solid Homme - White Weight T-Shirt

Solid Homme

White Weight T-Shirt