Solid & Striped Cardigans

When Isaac Ross humbly sought out to craft a single, quintessential piece of men’s swimwear, he inadvertently opened the floodgates for an ever-expanding vision of highly stylized nautical attire. Solid & Striped has since evolved into a multifaceted exploration of the pristine timelessness that germinated from Ross’s initial mission statement, with the dyad proposed in its brand name, reflecting the simplicity that continues to define its cohesive array of men’s swim trunks. Translating the saturated hues of sundrenched beachscapes into straightforward swimsuits, Solid & Stripe’s men’s output is at once nostalgic and undeniably current. Though retooled vintage silhouettes pervade the brand’s design approach, clean-cut finishes by way of high-performance fabrics and vivid colorways strike a balance against retro-leaning aesthetics. Offering a diverse range of fits that are carefully adapted to every incarnation of the present-day holidayer, Solid & Striped effortlessly epitomize idyllic coastal living.

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