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Founded in 2003 by Daisuke Yokoyama, maverick Japanese streetwear label Sasquatchfabrix has been leveraged to near-ubiquity as a result of a steady string of directional collections and evocative collaborations. Bridging the gap between the avant-garde and the everyday, the anonymous Sasquatchfabrix integrates Japanese fabrics, techniques, and elements of traditional dress into its distinctive take on progressive Tokyo streetwear. The label’s roots in skate and graffiti culture influence its mandate to bring an undeniably contemporary attitude to projects that span illustration, graphic design, architecture, and more. Actively blurring the divide between committed streetwear and expressive couture, the label underscores its distinct interpretation of modern-day men’s outfitting by suggesting the ways in which both sides of this dichotomy speak to each other. With an identity built on hybridizing a diverse range of stylistic touchpoints, the label’s devotion to delivering an idealized take on forward-thinking apparel has proven consistently rewarding in its increasingly coveted collections. On account of this ability to propulse unconventional stylistic endpoints without diverging from a core streetwear demographic, Sasquatchfabrix effortlessly pulls off its far-reaching menswear vision.

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Sasquatchfabrix. - White & Multicolor Coverall Paint Jacket


White & Multicolor Coverall Paint Jacket

$620 $422

Sasquatchfabrix. - Black Wa-Neck Jacket


Black Wa-Neck Jacket

$615 $295