Reebok by Pyer Moss Cardigans

Reebok’s latest offering in a string of off-kilter and thought-provoking collaborations comes in the form of a partnership with socially-conscious New York label Pyer Moss. In a highly focused and referential collection, the Kerby Jean-Raymond-helmed brand uses Reebok’s recognizable streetwear legacy as a framework for addressing racial tensions, succinctly encapsulated in their momentous, politically-charged inaugural runway show. Tying the philosophies of hype-driven streetwear to an integral mission statement imbues the collaborations’ upgraded loungewear with a bigger-picture sense of purpose, without eschewing the fundamentals of contemporary urban apparel. In aiming to elevate garments beyond their baseline practical functions, the collaboration nonetheless yields aesthetically sound sweatshirts and outerwear as well as sneakerhead-endorsed footwear, showcasing the subtle haute-couture flourishes that speak to the hybrid nature of Jean-Raymond’s design approach. Taking on loaded topics without compromise, Pyer Moss has fashioned its collaboration with Reebok to deliver an unflinching sartorial statement directed at the powers that be.

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