Post Archive Faction (PAF) Shirts

Imagine a distant yet imminent future: dystopic, cold, and barren -- this is the world inhabited by Post Archive Faction (PAF). Launched in 2018, the Korean menswear label unites avant-garde sportswear with futuristic outerwear, creating a fantastical collection that exists on the fringes of the fashion landscape. An ‘anti-fashion’ brand, PAF finds expression in the unconventional, the underground, and the unwanted. Despite resisting easy classification, PAF is defiantly apocalyptic: technical fabrics, reflective textiles, and transparent PVC materials meet asymmetric constructions, crinkling techniques, and paneling. Trousers, jackets, shirts, and sweatshirts are disassembled only to be reassembled anew with PAF’s very magic lying in its ability to make the familiar foreign. Shrouded in tones of gray, black, and white, the collection embraces an aesthetic that resonates with the eerie and desolate. Defined by its unique yet calculated design language, PAF exudes dissidence.

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