Paul Smith + Christoph Niemann Bags

British designer Paul Smith and German artist Christoph Niemann bring to life a cheeky capsule collection reflective of daily life in New York City. Niemann, whose work regularly appears in The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, and National Geographic, is a self-described ‘visual storyteller’ best known for his witty abstracted illustrations. Over the years Smith too has established himself as a distinctive voice in menswear recognized for his irreverent yet clever designs -- uniting high-end English tailoring with striking colors and offbeat patterns. With this capsule collection, classic Paul Smith silhouettes become blank canvases for Niemann’s playful depictions. Casual basics are given an unexpected twist: bright-colored sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, totes, and wallets are emblazoned with Niemann’s quirky black and white graphics. Intended as light-hearted and fun, this collaborative project is a perceptive and astute meditation on the hilarious yet thought-provoking banalities of everyday life.

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Paul Smith + Christoph Niemann - Black Night Scene Print Tote

Paul Smith + Christoph Niemann

Black Night Scene Print Tote