Our Legacy Turtlenecks

Stockholm-based label Our Legacy began in 2005 as a line of t-shirts created by friends Cristopher Nying and Jockum Hallin, who went on to release their first full collection in 2008. The pair have been issuing an under the radar challenge to the menswear status quo ever since. Drawing inspiration from a diverse set of global and vintage sources, their look is both timeless and fresh, with a conceptual approach that keeps them independent of trends. Unexpected tones and textures breathe life into casual wardrobe essentials like t-shirts and button-downs, quietly subverting their classic shapes and clean tailoring. The line's Scandinavian roots especially shine through in coats and jackets that stand out while keeping it low-key.

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Our Legacy - Navy Slender Turtleneck

Our Legacy

Navy Slender Turtleneck