Norse Projects Cardigans

Under the exact vision of Denmark-based creative Tobia Sloth, Norse Projects’ pursuit of the juncture between streetwear and workwear has impacted the landscape of men’s fashion on a global scale. Furthering their distinctive rendering of Scandinavian design while subtly retooling the constraints of its geographically-bound associations, a concurrent commitment to delivering upgraded essentials and innovative engineering has given a distinct character to the label’s latest output. Heavyweight cable-knit sweaters and rugged militaristic overshirts paint a definitive portrait of stolid functionality, while unexpected choices by way of colorways and silhouettes introduce an element of playfulness that softens constructional ruggedness. An assortment of dependable basics and overlooked necessities lay the foundation for a tirelessly dependable and seasonally fluid wardrobe, while a streamlined outerwear selection culls from naturalistic reference points without sacrificing streetwise refinement. Fitting a surprising amount of detailed sophistication into a minimalist’s framework, Norse Projects revel in menswear current state, one which the brand itself has helped define.

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