nonnative Cardigans

Since its inception in 1999, Tokyo-based label nonnative has amassed an international following for its workwear-inspired, Japanese-crafted menswear offerings. Designer Takayuki Fujii took on the role of creative director two years after he began working with founder Satoshi Saffen, developing a niche brand that is one part rugged outdoors, one part tailored sophistication. As its name suggests, the label does not adhere to the sartorial conventions of any particular place, instead reflecting an array of global design inspiration ranging from American film icons to European landscapes. Classic coats, jackets, and parkas in a muted earth-toned palette employ Gore-Tex and other technical fabrics in their construction, withstanding the elements while integrating seamlessly into any wardrobe. Simple t-shirts, trousers, and knits lay a comfortable foundation while distressed denim, suede sneakers, and shirts enhanced with oversized pockets and modified collars that reinforce the collection's unique yet wearable ethos.

There are currently no products available for nonnative Cardigans.

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