MISBHV Trousers

Designer men’s trousers reflect a contemporary landscape of dynamism, working with the changing significations of masculinity and future-facing gender fluidity in an evolving range of materials and silhouettes. Wide-leg cotton and wool twill offerings provide an aura of airy grace and urbane assertiveness. Skinny-fit and tapered cotton, wool-blend, corduroy, and silk-blend trousers provide a sense of youthful energy and form. Straight-leg garment-pleated trousers find beauty in aesthetic and technical innovation, bringing forth new emotional and conceptual energies. Cropped trousers provide neat contours and shape, as well as the possibility of perfect sock and shoe coordination. The subcultural, urban, and military pedigrees of cargo pants come to the fore in high-end re-imaginings, with formal, visionary designs achieving new contextual usages. Elasticized waistbands and drawstrings find their way from athletic utilitarianism to on-trend fashionable accent in select pieces.

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