MISBHV Lace-up Boots

This season’s varied range of lace-up boots pursues the meeting point between rugged functionality and pristine fabrication. Crossbreeding familiar silhouettes with an unexpected reimagination of the boot’s practical usage, the collection is punctuated by an assortment of workwear-inspired pieces. Hybridized hiking boots are cast in pristine leathers, while glossy leather surfaces foster enough refinement to contend as a high-top alternative to formal oxford or derby shoes. Though rubberized vamps and and resilient nubuck leathers gesture at an element-conscious sensibility, this collection is foremost striving for year-round utility through masterful designs that transcend climatic contexts. Left-field accentuation is bolstered by unexpected lace-up colorways and jarring, chunky soles, while familiarly robust shapes hark back to the working class signifiers that have lent themselves to being refashioned by counterculture movements. Yet, extended collar heights and experimentation with stacked heels evidence an innovation-centric agenda that is of no hinderance to the boot’s open-ended styling opportunities. Statement-making aside, this varied curation of lace-up boots responds to a need for all-purpose footwear, weaving together various renditions of a tirelessly durable design.

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