MISBHV Hoodies & Zipups

The hoodie is a ubiquitous icon, seen across a multitude of subversive subcultures. Originally added to sweatshirts as a layer of protection for athletes and workers, the hood has long since surpassed its utilitarian origin. However, the updated form of this season’s menswear hoodies and zip-ups allows for growth past its outsider and sportswear roots. Constructed of quality textiles ranging from cotton fleece, French terry, and denim to textured velvet and wool, this men’s wardrobe staple appears in a variety of silhouettes ranging from overlong to oversized, from vintage tracksuit motifs to avant-garde layered constructions. Designers implement modern details like bungee-style drawstrings, asymmetric hems, and innovative overlays while exploring the garment’s utilitarian roots further with integrated press-release buckles that, in some circumstances, replace traditional-style drawstrings. Forever decorated with irreverent graphic forms of self-expression, the hoodie—and its zip-up counterpart—have dressed a culture of defiance for decades. Designers continue to celebrate this tradition with design elements that represent the intersection between sport and avant-garde.

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