MISBHV Denim Jackets

The denim jacket has become a recurring mainstay in countless counterculture movements throughout the past half-century, a spirit that remains prevalent in this season’s latest offerings. Riffing off a design that has become something of a signifier for rebellion, this selection is founded on an inclination for boundary-pushing without losing sight of the jacket’s decade-enduring legacy. Streetwear-leaning labels put their signature thumbprint on the denim jacket, adding weathered graphic prints or inventively creating glitchy patchworks from reworked pieces. The distressing-friendly aspect of denim is taken to a riveting extreme through heavily tattered pieces, which contrast against other clean, traditional structures. The denim jacket’s inherently customizable design, courtesy of its various button-adjusted features, results in a wardrobe staple that transcends temporal changes and is as much of an essential today as it has been over the past decades.

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