Midnight Studios Hats

California-born streetwear wunderkind Shane Gonzales founded Midnight Studios in 2014 at the age of nineteen, and has since risen to poster-boy status on account his self-governed DIY ethos. Having been exposed to punk music through video games and skate reels, Gonzales' designs introduce the movement’s rich cultural history into the framework of modern streetwear. Midnight Studios reconciles the scrappy patchwork of Vivienne Westwood’s designs for the Sex Pistols with skate culture’s partiality for slouchy sportswear, putting an idealistic spin on time-spanning reference points. Despite conjuring elements from nearly every bygone counterculture movement in recent memory, the brand exemplifies the real-time immediacy that propels youth-centric fashion. Undercutting their populist silhouettes with nihilistic slogans, Midnight Studios' chaotic vision of Los Angeles proposes a number of appealing contradictions.

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