Maximum Henry Cardigans

Maximum Henry Cohen founded his eponymous leather goods label in 2008, focusing on the creation of handcrafted, enduring accessories that inhabit a coveted niche of dependable sophistication. The label arose in a sense through accident, beginning with Cohen and his community of artistic friends crafting quality leather pieces for one another, as well as friends of friends. Cohen was particularly influenced by a desire to renounce his 90’s all-American childhood experiences with disposable, heavily branded big box products. Him and his like-minded social circle believed what was missing from the designer landscape were pieces that escaped the trend cycle and, more importantly, adapted to one’s individuality in a natural, organic way over time. Handmade by Cohen and a small team of artisans in New York state, the label’s vegetable-tanned belts and minimal structured pouches stand at the apex of durability, measuring up to the rigors of long-time use while developing idiosyncratic patinas that evokes the wearer’s own character and mannerisms.

There are currently no products available for Maximum Henry Cardigans.

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