Marni Dance Bunny Crewnecks

The Marni Dance Bunny capsule collection injects an unprecedented sense of iconography into its parent label’s pronounced menswear vision. Incorporating its titular silhouetted mascot into a concise range of accessories and straightforward ready-to-wear, the line is endearingly playful without compromising sophistication. Streetwear-informed lounge staples and unfussy totes exemplify a mastery over upgraded everyday outfitting, while brooches and keychains make for sumptuous yet quirky wardrobe accents. The artisanal sensibility evoked by the painterly rendering of the bunny logo is amplified in bold all-over prints, though elsewhere the icon finds itself discretely integrated by way of embroidered patches and knit patterns. Aesthetically refined and undeniably fun, Marni Dance Bunny proposes a lighthearted take on Marni’s pronounced menswear identity.

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