Linder Cardigans

Linder cultivates a singular form of alluring strangeness, crafting urbane-bohemian clothes that subvert the gender binary in a dreamy, romantic drift. The New York-based label, founded by Sam Linder and Kirk Millar, channels a rare form of experimental, cerebral energy, a fact made quickly apparent the moment one looks upon their work, with its artist-like rigor of concept and dedicated depth of execution. The menswear line, now solely overseen by Kirk Millar, confronts the pressures of ‘maleness’ manifested within gay culture and western culture at large, deconstructing and softening iconic menswear looks. Military-inspired details, colorful printed graphics, and latex-mimicking finishes combine in alluring and unexpectedly beautiful ways. In a delightful twist, Linder’s tailoring opts to highlight the male form, rather than concealing it, refreshing the contemporary high fashion trope of gender-neutrality to bring about new, at-times intensely personal emotional and intellectual ends. Layered, complex, and perfectly askew, Linder challenges tradition in a way that is undeniably meaningful.

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Linder - Multicolor Striped Kieran Cardigan


Multicolor Striped Kieran Cardigan