Clot Gloves

Founded in 2003 by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, Clot has steadily built up its current imposing presence in the realm of hype-driven streetwear. An embrace of collaboration and a knack for thoughtful curation has bolstered the success of the brand’s Hong Kong-based flagship boutiques and strengthened the appeal of its in-house brand, whose long list of high-profile collaborators include Nike and Levi's as well as non-fashion entities such as Coca Cola and Disney. The unabashed maximalism that has informed prior outings gives way to surprisingly cohesive recent collections, reconciling the label’s disparate influences and collage-like aestheticism into something thoroughly palatable. Converse showcases the label’s ability to personalize ubiquitous footwear staples, while graphic t-shirts boasting visuals of the bold and occasionally post-ironic variation showcase a proclivity for tastefully appropriating contemporary trends. Offering a masterful rendition of the haute streetwear that has always been a focal point of its decade-spanning operation, Clot’s longstanding team mentality has harnessed a full-formed sense of individuality.

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