Clarks Originals Cardigans

Founded in 1825 by brothers Cyrus and James Clark in the small town of Street, in Somerset, England, Clarks Originals is one of the most recognized men’s footwear brands in the world. Their most famous silhouettes are as reactionary as they are revolutionary, having come to the forefront of various cultural movements throughout history. But perhaps even more compelling is the manner in which Clarks Originals have managed to capture the imaginations of so many different people the world over. From school children throughout the British Isles to Parisian student protestors in 1968, mid-century Americana film icons to Jamaican reggae stars, Clarks Originals have made their mark on diverse and seemingly disparate subcultures. Famed for its simple, minimalist construction, environmentally sustainable leather practices and, most notably, the signature lightweight and durable crepe soles, Clarks Originals men's footwear is instantly recognizable. Nowadays, the brand has built itself a reputation in the realm of collaboration; working with other fashion labels such as nanamica, Supreme, and Lemaire to create highly covetable Clarks Originals variations. The brand's incredibly accessible, trend-worthy wardrobe staples continue to inspire for many years to come.

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