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London College of Fashion alumnus Peng Chen released his namesake label in 2015. With experience working for Christian Dior and Gareth Pugh, an outstanding talent for patternmaking, and a unique sartorial vision, the Chinese designer swiftly earned a place at the industry’s forefront. His signature one-sized collections, whose pieces can be adjusted to suit any body type, eschew restrictive standards of beauty in favor of a progressive new outlook that seeks to explore the norms and taboos surrounding size, gender, and individuality. His conceptually-driven menswear silhouettes reimagine the contours of the human form while maintaining organic lines, resulting in garments that are atypical, yet alluring. Down-filled coats lend themselves readily to exaggeration and proportion play, while bold hues, futuristic forms, and playful accents round out the brand’s outsized offerings.

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Chen Peng - Black PU Coat

Chen Peng

Black PU Coat