Bunney Jackets & Coats

Ideologically rooted in a punk-inspired DIY ethos yet stylistically informed by a dutiful sense of craft, UK-based label Bunney delivers collections that broaden the scope of contemporary men’s jewelry. Named after and conceived by Andrew Bunney, the label debuted in 2009 with a decidedly minimalistic set of pyramid stud-shaped pins, introducing the stylistic adaptability that continues to be central to the label’s design approach. Garnering widespread attention by way of ambitious collaborations with biker culture linchpins Lewis Leathers and Italian scooter make Vespa, Bunney’s reputation for unbounded risk-taking works in complement to its progressive viewpoint. With an inventive stylistic approach that coalesces functional hardware with jewelry’s luxe connotations, Bunney flexes its penchant for molding convention by recontextualizing the utility of ID tags and badges into viable tokens of self-expression. Straightforward bracelets and signet rings speak to a need for stolid, low-fuss accoutrements, while the label’s now-trademark pins are upheld as the in-the-know outfit flourish of choice. In crafting viable statement-making accessories that speaks to the label’s bigger-picture sense of experimentation, Bunney gestures towards the open-ended space that jewelry occupies in contemporary menswear.

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